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Ducts are used to help in distributing the air among the house. If a leak is present in the duct then all most of air moves through the leakage. A leakage can be occurred because of gaps, cracks and poor installation of ducts. As ducts move large quantities of air, they must be tightly sealed to avoid air loss. Duct sealing helps in preventing leakage of air flow in a duct. Duct sealing can help to decrease the heating and cooling bills. Duct sealing improves the quality of indoor air. As leakage does not occur, there will be a decrease in energy using and you can save lots of money.

What we do

Unit Protection Duct Sealing | Sydney

Duct cleaning requires knowledge and experience in doing it. Fox duct cleaning has been providing unit protection duct seal services throughout Sydney. We have 27 years of years of experience in doing duct works. The chemicals, methods we use are personally proven by us. We provide qualitative finish and work. We will point out where exactly the leakage is present and also find out the reason behind the leakage. We will seal the duct completely without a minor leakage. The duct seal we provide will act as protection to the duct and insulates the whole duct to keep the air inside.

Why choose us

  • Personally proven methods are used
  • 27 years of experience
  • Satisfied results
  • Staff has got confined space certificates and OH&S White cards
  • Improve quality of air indoor
  • No mess while working