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It is very important to clean the exhaust system for every six months. An Exhaust system helps in dragging out the heat, dirt, dust from the area. The dust and dirt present in the exhaust attract pests and helps in pest infestation. As time goes on the exhaust systems will become greasy and if they not cleaned and maintained regularly then a risk of catching fire is often. Especially in commercial places an exhaust has to be cleaned to avoid heath and property damage risks. Exhaust system cleaning helps in improving hygienic conditions in the buildings, improve ventilation for odours.

What we do

Exhaust System Cleaning Sydney

With 27 years of experience in exhaust cleaning Fox Duct and Exhaust Cleaning provides fire safe and grease free exhaust cleaning service. Customer satisfaction is our priority. Our professional service is second to none. All the cleaning work of exhaust is done clearly and with a detailed finish. We provide customised packages for exhaust cleaning. We use personally proven methods and technologies to clean your exhaust system. Our methods and chemicals are safe and environment friendly. We provide complete exhaust cleaning services for people in Sydney.

Why choose us

  • Qualitative and professional service
  • Crystal clear cleaning
  • Affordable rates
  • Friendly technicians
  • No mess while working
  • Guaranteed results
  • Perfect solutions

To keep you aware as perstate that Australian standards 1851-2005 require kitchen exhaust systems to be cleaned and Certified and buy doing this it is a fire preventative, as uncleaned systems have oil and grease. and if there was a fire on the cook top it would spread through the ducts and building or restraunt and risk everything.

upon completion we certify the System that it has been brought up to Australian Standards 1851-2005 for kitchen exhaust cleaning