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Unlike residential places duct cleaning for industrial places does not depend on small rooftop air maintaining units. The air handling units in industrial places are very large which pass through multiple places along the buildings. Cleaning and maintaining them is not an easy task. The dust and dirt accumulated in the ducts in industrial places are sometimes flammable. Dirty ducts provide positive atmosphere for the growth bacteria and viruses. Dirty ducts can lead to health risks in staff which in turn affects the productivity of the company.

What we do

Industrial Duct Cleaning | Sydney

Fox Duct & Exhaust cleaning is one of the recognized companies in providing Industrial Duct Cleaning services in Sydney since 2006. We specialize in industrial duct cleaning. We are experienced in providing the best duct cleaning service in the industry. We have been providing duct cleaning services since 27 years. We help you in maintaining and cleaning the ducts regularly. The technologies and methods used in cleaning are best in the industry.

Why choose us

  • Experience and expertise in work
  • Great workmanship
  • Proven technologies and methods
  • Improve quality of air flow through duct coating
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Friendly and certified staff