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The main aim of Fox Duct and Exhaust Cleaning is to provide safe, odour free air to the individuals present in the building at affordable prices.With a building exposed bathrooms, toilets, kitchen, car diesel exhaust dust and debris, managing tenant complaints is a great deed. If the air conditioning system does not work efficiently, transportation of pollutants increases in the buildings. Water and other organic materials act as food sources to bacteria and help them to grow in the air conditioning system.

Some of isolates that are found commonly and transported by the air conditioning systems are Flavobacterium, Pseudomonas, Candida, E.coli, Rhodotorula, Staphylococcus. To reduce the complaints of tenants, building owner has to think about their health comfort and safety. Maintaining quality of air conditioning in the building, it requires numerous inputs from professionals, consultants, maintenance companies, which is an extra expense to the building owner. Coordinating and managing these issues are time taking and frustrating.

Fox Duct and Exhaust cleaning brings its specialists, technologies, methods, indoor hygienists to offer commercial management services to people living in Sydney. Our cost diminishing method is simple

  • One stop solution - quality of indoor air is maintained.
  • We undertake audits to know the present situation of the building and plant, which helps in reducing the unnecessary costs.
  • We will identify critical repairs and maintain them.
  • All costs are firmed and evenly divided at the end of the year.

All cleaning, maintaining of air conditioning systems is maintained by one company, Fox Duct and Exhaust Cleaning as one stop solution.

  • Are your tenants complaining regularly regarding environmental conditions of the building?
  • Do you need help in maintaining the HVAC system and building environment?
  • Are you interested in calling one company for managing and maintaining all the sites and reduce the costs?
  • Is your HVAC system working inefficiently because of contaminants?
  • Are you drawing any pungent odours in the building?
  • Does your exhaust system of kitchen meet council requirements?
  • Do you need one company to maintain the air quality and reduce costs?

Fox Duct and Exhaust cleaning meets all the requirements of what you are in need off.