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An exhaust in an industrial place is persistently subjected to grease, dust and grime. If the exhaust is not cleaned then it contaminates the working place and environment as well. Substances like grease and dust accumulate the exhaust and reduce the efficiency and sometimes even cause damage to it. Frequently cleaning and maintaining is only way to maintain the efficiency of the exhaust system. The substances accumulated on the surfaces of exhaust can also damage exhaust from working efficiently. Exhaust system in an industrial place easily gets polluted because of the work environment. Exhaust cleaning maintaining is important in industrial places.

What we do

Industrial Cleaning | Sydney

Fox Duct and Exhaust cleaning provides best suitable industrial Exhaust System Cleaning service to clean your exhaust system. This service is suitable for any kind of industrial exhaust cleaning requirements. Our technicians strive to clean the exhaust system completely without any remains. We help you in cleaning and maintaining the exhaust in good condition. The technologies and equipment are personally proven by us and provide best cleaning service.

Why choose us

  • Best technologies and equipment in the industry is used.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Cleaning without any dirt remains
  • Affordable rates
  • Friendly and professional staff
  • Customised packages

To keep you aware as perstate that Australian standards 1851-2005 require kitchen exhaust systems to be cleaned and Certified and buy doing this it is a fire preventative, as uncleaned systems have oil and grease. and if there was a fire on the cook top it would spread through the ducts and building or restraunt and risk everything.

upon completion we certify the System that it has been brought up to Australian Standards 1851-2005 for kitchen exhaust cleaning