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Just like anything else ducts also wear out as its age grows. As age of the duct grows, the adhesive get dried up and sealant will be eroded. Because of this ducts will work inefficiently. There are many reasons for replacing a duct. Poor maintenance and improper installation can decrease the efficiency of an air duct. Fine gaps and cracks in ducts can lead to major leaks and increase utility bills. If the duct is not installed correctly then the HVAC systems work with extra pressure which leads to wear down of the components.Inspect the ducts for leaks atleast once in a year.

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Air Duct Replacement | Sydney

Fox duct and exhaust cleaning knows the importance of ducts which work effectively and safely. Knowledge and experience is required to install ducts correctly. We have more than 20 years of experience in replacing the air duct systems. Replacing ducts help in increasing the efficiency and decrease in utility bills. We provide best air duct replacement services for affordable rates. Our team is friendly and committed towards work. We strive to provide satisfied results and do not create any mess while working.

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  • affordable price
  • knowledge and experience in replacing ducts
  • satisfied results
  • whole staff is certified
  • qualitative and professional service